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 zombinaaa - (kixie)
10:28am 02/01/2007
Anima Sola posting in Zombina Army
Not sure if you guys know, but ecto_chris is ZATS' bassist, and he just put an entry on his LJ talking about this band, the Epoxies.

Has anyone heard of them? They're doing a small tour across the UK:

19.02.2007 UK / London / Boston Music Room

20.02.2007 UK / Poulton / The Royal Oak

21.02.2007 UK / Liverpool / Roadkill Zombina and The Skeletones +The Exorsisters

22.02.2007 UK / Exeter / Cavern Club

23.02.2007 UK / Bristol / Junction

24.02.2007 UK / Brighton / The Engine Room

And, as you can see, are playing with ZATS in Liverpool.

I might just have to see if I can get up there for that :)

Will definitely try to check them out in London, too.
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